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This kit includes all the components to install 10 large or 15 small to medium size windows. 250 lineal feet around the perimeter of the windows.  

When installed properly the Rain Jacket Flashing System can withstand AAMA window pressure tests greater than 4.5 PSF. By utilizing pvc and high end flexible flashings you can easily install replacement or new windows in a true water tight and integrated manner without removing or cutting the existing cladding.

Benefits include:

*Easy to cut and attach
*10 year warranty

Rain Jacket Flashing 10 to 15 Windows

  • Kit includes:

    * 5-rolls 2" x 50' RJ Eternabond Microsealant
    * 30-8' sticks RJ Interior L Angle
    * 30-8' sticks RJ Jamb/Sill Flashing
    * 30-RJ Corners
    * 10-8' sticks RJ Head Flashing
    * Installation Manual and diagram
    * Customer Support


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